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By Teixidors · February, 18 of 2019

Our wooden looms spin endless stories, as they have for the past 35 years. Every scarf and every blanket has been woven, washed and finished, one by one, right here in our workshop in Barcelona. Following an entirely manual process, our workshop in Barcelona. Following an entirely manyal process, our weavers interwine freshly spun threads from the highest quality materials. The rythm of tradicional looms draws delicately imperfect borders in our handwoven textiles which have come to define the Teixidors brand. Our design evokes a natural horizon - a sensitive and thoughtful glance at everything nature offers. Our collections follow the changing seasons, from the lightness of linen to the warmts of Merino wool. Listening to the natural fibers, we seek the perfect balance between materials and weaving structures. Timeless, essential and spontaneous, each of ours pieces in hand woven, surprising and delighfully soft.


By Teixidors · January, 17 of 2019


Faye Toogood, exclusive CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 collection for Teixidors

Designer Faye Toogood completes her collection for Teixidors with three handwoven blankets Faye Toogood’s new blanket collection for Teixidors, the first design of which we debuted this autumn, is now completed with two new designs which offer a new interplay of tones and textures, one of which incorporates ecological yak wool. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT HALL 5A, STAND Q68/R67

Faye Toogood & Teixidors. New collection Criss-Cross

By Teixidors · September, 6 of 2018

Faye Toogood's new collection of blanket designs for Teixidors offers a playful, textural take on a traditional favourite. Each blanket in the Criss-Cross 3,2,1 range comprises three distinct yet conjoined weaves that present a variety of discrete textures in a single piece. The textile triptychs are hand-loomed in the Teixidors workshop using natural ecological merino wool, carefully washed to achieve a lightly felted and soft finish. Each piece consists of three woven quadrilaterals of subtly differing proportions and hues, sewn together into a long patchwork with fringed edging; the contrasting yet complementary colourways– including subtle ochre, neutral cream and a rich scarlet – are achieved by a combination of natural wool tones and vegetable and eco-friendly dyeing. The tactile qualities of the pieces are further enhanced with felt-like elements and Teixidors' characteristic appliquéd cords, making each of these tripartite blankets into a domestic anthology of fabric textures.


By Teixidors · June, 5 of 2018

The NOMAD accessories collection revives the essence of the journey in the sense of distilling the new and integrating what is different. The NOMAD collection draws its inspiration from the millennial practice of nomadic grazing. The accessories are woven in ecological merino wool from Provence (France) and hand combed baby yak wool from the Khangai region (Mongolia). The responsible fashion accessories collection values the traceability of materials and social sustainability. The delicate profiles, with a subtle relief, bring luminosity to the handwoven textile. The accessories combine timelessness and lightness inviting us to broaden our horizons.