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June, 5 of 2018

The NOMAD accessories collection revives the essence of the journey in the sense of distilling the new and integrating what is different.
The NOMAD collection draws its inspiration from the millennial practice of nomadic grazing. The accessories are woven in ecological merino wool from Provence (France) and hand combed baby yak wool from the Khangai region (Mongolia). The responsible fashion accessories collection values the traceability of materials and social sustainability. The delicate profiles, with a subtle relief, bring luminosity to the handwoven textile. The accessories combine timelessness and lightness inviting us to broaden our horizons.
The collection includes throws, shawls, scarves and gloves, availables in different colors: copper, old pink, lead grey and turuoise).

Manta de la colección NOMAD de Teixidors. Tejida en lana de yak y lana merino ecológica
Design is not a field separated from life. Every morning when our workshop opens its doors, the commitment to join handcraft tradition with design processes, is renewed. We understand design in a broad sense that includes the know-how of the technique, the skillfulness of each person, the materials and the process of the production.